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42pcs Twist-Flex Hair Curlers Rods Set Flexible Lightweight Soft Foam Styling Hair Rollers for Hair Salon or DIY

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  • Features: Twist-Flex Hair Curlers
  • Brand: AvaMalis

Hair Rollers Flexi Rods Set *- Flexi rods are easy to use on dry or wet hair and produce a multitude of results depending on the size, hair moisture,and length of time you leave them in. Flexi rods are long foam tubes with a wire down the middle that come in varying thicknesses. *- They're pretty straight forward as far as hair tools go, especially when it comes to afro-textured hair. *- Blended Diamerter Rollers Twist Flex Rods Foam Curler Flexible Curling Rods Spirel Hair Foam Curler 7 Size: Diameter: 7/8" 11/16" 5/8" 9/16" 1/2" 7/16" 3/8" Long: 7" Features: *- Professional Medium & Small Sizes Foam Flexi Rods for Curly Hair roller set style for womanFeatures *- Easy flexi rods were to use on relaxed or natural hair. Flexi rod offers a heat-free (and, therefore, damage-free) way to make your curl dreams come true. Like the classic twist out. *- Hair Rollers Flexi Rods Set, 42-PACK 7" roller, hair curlers rollers for hair,flexi-rods hairStyling DIY Waves *- They come in a variety of sizes for tight, spiral curls to big, loose curls and are one of the safest ways to stretch your hair while keeping a curl pattern. *- can last for multiple days if you protect the resulting curls and keep your hair moisturized. How to use: *- Step 1. Using a wide tooth comb, gently brush a section of the hair you would like to curl. *- Step 2. Spray some water on the section of hair. *- Step 3. Wrap the section of hair around the flexi rod several times, and roll the flexi rod up towards the scalp. Then, bend the ends of the flexi rod to hold the hair in place. *- Step 4. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 to complete curling your whole head. *- Step 5. Release the flexi rods after 2-3 hours and let your curls unfurl! Package include: 42* Hair Roller 1*Carrier Case *- Soft Flexible Rod: 42Rods/Pack 7 Different Diameter with Random Color Soft Flexible Foam Twist Curling Rods. *- Damage Free:Curl Hair without Heat-Damage.Flexible and Skin-Friendly.Get Perfect Curls without Frying Hair. *- Advantage: Professional Your Own Hairstyle,Easy to Use and Clean - Simply bend, Twist, Roll, Effortlessly Create Beautiful, Bouncy Curls.DIY tools for your hair,Can Be as a Gift for Your Mother, Sisters, Children and Friends. *- For all hair types wet or dry. Designed for curling long, medium, short hair; *- The Hair rollers are made of lightweight foam packed in the PVC bag.