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Empowering young girls to grow into women that dream big, set life goals and accomplish them.

Posted by Naketa Beech on

I started to empower my daughter; I want to be her hero. Lately I have met a lot of women who are facing various challenges with setting life goals, or accomplishing their goals. If you are a parent, a young woman or older, this still pertains to you. This is also dedicated to those who are raising young girls that are going through depression and thoughts of suicide, and women of certain ages that are feeling totally lost in the cycle of life. So why is this important to me? It's important because I am one of these women, and I was one of these young girls growing up. I want to raise my daughter to be a strong self-confident young woman, but she is non-exempt from these same challenges.

In and quote from a 2013, parenting online article titled "Positive organizations can help young girls find their "inner girl power" "Body image & identity".  A parent stated the following:

“I don't remember so many challenges at such a young age when I was growing up: peer pressure, cliques, gossip, cattiness, depression, etc.,”says Lisa Friedlander, “a parent of two girls, ages 11 and 6, and cofounder of Activity Rocket, an online resource for locating enrichment activities and camps for kids.

The types of challenges vary from person to person, but they can be difficult to overcome, painful and can stick with you for a very long time. Once you overcome challenges in life, some people forget there struggles, and sometimes purposefully. I purposefully put a lot of my past behind me and try to forget them, but these challenges are what shaped me and the way I raise my children. I realize no matter how painful my challenges were growing up they are a part of me, and it's okay to use them to sympathize and support others.



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